Your donation will support programming for 100 kids and teen counselors each year!

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Contributions are tax deductible.

Help Us Reach Our Program Goals

Your contributions will help cover transportation, food, venue costs, instruction, and supplies for our 7-week summer camp, after-school Charting Careers program, Build-a-Boat, and fitness and sailing programs. Here's an idea of how your donation will be spent:

  • $15 will buy a life vest for one Box of Rain kid.
  • $25 will buy five camp days' lunches for a Box of Rain kid.
  • $48 will send a Box of Rain kid to all six Step It Up Kids sessions—including a hearty breakfast.
  • $50 will send a Box of Rain kid to summer camp for a day.
  • $75 will cover lunch for a Box of Rain kid for 7 weeks of camp.
  • $120 will send a Box of Rain to eight Build a Boat sessions—including lunch.
  • $200 will cover an elementary or middle school child's participation in a 6-week after-school career club
  • $250 will cover bus transportation expenses for a local camp day.
  • $300 will cover a half year of one to one career and college prep counseling for a high school Charting Careers kid
  • $400 will pay a junior counselor's salary for the summer.
  • $700 will send a Box of Rain kid to camp for the summer.
  • $850 will cover the cost of camp T-shirts.
  • $1,875 will cover a high schooler's annual participation in Charting Careers—including a Life Skills Workshop, Financial Literacy course, and one-to-one career counseling once a month.
  • $5,000 will cover total transportation expenses for the summer.