• Kids arrive for camp and breakfast before beginning the day's adventure.

  • A fun-filled and instructive day at Jport

  • And there's always a little time for some beach fun!

Summer on the Bay

Box of Rain's Summer Program has grown exponentially and mentored more than 500 kids since its inception. The program begins after school is out in June and runs every Tuesday and Thursday for 7 weeks. Every day introduces our kids to a different activity and new challenges. Breakfast and lunch is provided during the 10 am to 3 pm hours and transportation to and from camp is provided. Box of Rain hires highly qualified instructors and counselors, and our student counselors enjoy the opportunity to give back to the program that helped them so much.

We try to offer our kids a variety of maritime experiences:


The summer session often begins with a series of swimming lessons at the Truxton Park pool. While most participants quickly become better swimmers, we are proud that some of the Box of Rain kids have advanced and have participated on the Truxton Park Penguins Swim Team. One of our summer program graduates went on to get his certification as a lifeguard! Kids have many other opportunities to swim during camp in the Chesapeake Bay and at Chesapeake Water Park.


Box of Rain kids get hands-on instruction in all aspects of boating in a variety of comprehensive in-water experiences around Annapolis. They are introduced to the exciting world of sailing by visiting the Annapolis Sailing School, JPort, and the National Sailing Hall of Fame. Experienced instructors provide land training and on-the-water practice that requires the kids to work together to sail their small boats. They also learn to paddle kayaks and paddle boards down Spa Creek, thanks to one of our key supporters, Annapolis Canoe and Kayak. The participants quickly find out the value of teamwork when they try their hands at the rowing skulls thanks to the U.S. Naval Academy boat house and our midshipmen friends. Older Box of Rain participants are encouraged to enroll in the Spirit of America course where they learn safe boating and can apply to get their boating license.


An environmental component is also key to the summer program. Venues have included the Annapolis Maritime Museum, Department of Natural Resources fishing lessons, canoeing at the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, and shark teeth hunting at Calvert Cliffs.

Special trips

Each season Box of Rain takes our campers on a special all day trip. We've visited St. Mary's College and Sailing Center. This year we're going to Assateague island where many of our kids will see the ocean for the first time!

Box of Rain relies on community support for items such as water bottles, lunches and snacks, water shoes, and art supplies, along with bus transportation funds.