Day #3 Wiring the Hull Together

Another busy boat building day. Box of Rain kids (and Rudder the dog) assembled the top of the hull and cut more wires to attach the top and bottom together. Right now it looks like a “wire-y” mess, but it will take a nicer kayak shape in the coming weeks!

Day #2 The Hull Begins to Take Shape!

What a busy Saturday morning! Box of Rain kids sanded the hull panels to be assembled for the Duck Hull. Most of the edges had to be at a 45 degree angle to fit together later. They then cut the copper wire we use to stitch the hull together. Our final step for this day was to stitch the hull together with the copper wires. This also required us to bend the panels into shape. A similar process will be repeated for the top of the boat. Several test fits and glue steps will follow to make sure the top and bottom fit together to form the kayak.  See some video of our kids in action here.

Day #1 with our Build a Boat kids

Can't believe how much we accomplished on our first day as a team! Box of Rain kids huddled with Jim Harmon and our volunteer boat builders to see what the Wood Duck 12 finished product is going to look like. Then the team unpacked the box and laid out all the pieces. Hard to believe that everything in this little box will make a finished boat. George Smith showed the kids how to make and work with epoxy glue, and then our little boat builders got to work epoxying the puzzle parts together. Thanks to Dan Lederberg and Eastport Shopping Center for donating space! And thanks to John Harris and Chesapeake Lightcraft for donating this awesome kit! See more gallery photos... Continue reading