• 100 Book Challenge is changing the lives of children in Annapolis.

  • Camp Read a Lot student enjoys reading with her flashlight.

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100 Book Challenge Takes Kids to New Reading Heights

Research shows that high school graduation rates are dramatically impacted by reading level at the end of third grade, and this is particularly true for kids living in poverty, where 86% of children are not reading proficiently. Camp Read a Lot aims to change that trajectory for underserved kids living in Annapolis public and subsidized housing.

IMG_4526-2.JPGIn partnership with the Woodside Gardens Community/PK Management Company, Newtowne Community Development Corporation, Box of Rain is piloting an exciting new reading program that we hope to pair with the Charting Careers social emotional learning curriculum to give underserved children the tools they need to succeed. 

The program pilot was developed in collaboration with Dr. Jessica Snell-Johns and Valerie Drozd, who together bring award-winning expertise in results-oriented prevention programming and reading interventions for children living in public and subsidized housing.

IMG_0921.JPGCamp Read a Lot utilizes the 100 BOOK CHALLENGE®, a research-based program that develops avid, life-long readers—students whose proficiency in and love of reading enable them to flourish throughout their lives—in the classroom, on standardized tests, at the college of their choice, and in life-enriching careers. The program provides hundreds of books matched to a student's reading level and allows students to choose the books they'd like to read. Ongoing assessment continually matches the right instruction and the right books to every child. With a carefully developed coaching system that provides feedback for tutors and coordinators, students can make progress quickly and strengthen comprehension and fluency skills for their grade level.

The Camp Read a Lot program at Woodside Gardens further incorporates some innovative approaches that make reading fun for our kids! Our young readers can read in a tent, where some enjoy reading with flashlights. They are highly motivated by earning Brag Tags that allow them to pick different incentives to celebrate their milestones. Led by Renee Sherwood, who has a background in teaching and after-school programs, our team of trained volunteers works 1:1 to move our kids forward to become stronger readers. 

IMG_0939.JPGWe need your support to grow this pilot into a reading intervention program that could be offered in many communities or as after-school programs. We would like to see this program in every underserved community in Annapolis!

Give what you can to make a difference in a child's life.

 We love our volunteers!

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