• Box of Rain graduates are ready to pursue their dreams

  • Charting Careers starts in 5th grade, helping underserved children learn about themselves—their strengths and their interests.

  • In high school, we begin the serious one-to-one career counseling, helping each student to design a success plan and achieve it!

Helping Box of Rain Kids Find Their Future

Envision. Aspire. Achieve. 

Charting Careers is a new Box of Rain program designed to help our youth discover personal strengths, explore "good fit" career options, gain job and internship experiences, and develop the soft skills necessary to succeed in life and throughout their careers.

Aligned with best practices, Box of Rain’s Charting Careers program starts with youth at an early age and commits to following them throughout high school, continuously providing relationships and experiences that develop the mindset and skills needed to create pathways to independence.

Developed by a certified MBTI Practitioner, Counselor, and Career/Life Coach, and guided by a team of experts that includes school counselors, a a licensed psychologist and expert in the field of prevention and youth development, a licensed clinical social worker, and education professionals, Charting Careers also includes a parent education component, Parents as Partners.

During the elementary years, the program will focus on self-discovery, self-awareness, celebrating individual differences, and confidence-building. Middle school youth will begin exploring their signature strengths and learning about career options. 

High school youth will master basic life skills (such as financial literacy and job interviewing), get one-to-one assistance in pursuing their vocational and educational goals, and acquire on-the-job experience. Our goal is that no Charting Careers graduate will move into adulthood without a success plan and the tools to make it happen.



“Create the Story of You” Elementary Curriculum

Box of Rain piloted this 6-week program successfully at Hillsmere and Tyler Heights Elementary schools in 2016 and served 20 5th graders. The program will debut at Georgetown East in April.

In March, Box of Rain will partner with the Woodside Gardens Community Association and PK Management to pilot an in-community service model for Eastport Elementary students. This program will pair "Create the Story of You" with an independent reading program called 100 Book Challenge. The 100 Book Challenge program will be led by Valerie Drozd, M.Ed. and evaluated by Jessica Snell-Johns, Ph.D. Candace Brown and Kelly Keys will lead Create the Story of You.

Each elementary site will serve a dozen students providing service to 48 underserved youth in 2017.


2016 Elementary Team (left to right): Meredith Adams Krissoff, Lindsey Ells, Michele Rensler, program developer Nancy Clifford, Emilia Gonzalez

Elementary program goals

  • Begin the journey of self-discovery (who am I?) 
  • Discover and begin to understand signature strengths
  • Learn to recognize and respect individual differences and the idea of “community”
  • Explore how personality differences affect personal interactions with others
  • Imagine how signature strengths and personal interests might match particular careers

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Middle School Charting Careers Curriculum

Our 6-week middle school program will serve 20 youth (including at least 17 residing in public/subsidized housing) at Annapolis Middle School starting February 27. As with the elementary program, a parent career night and a career field trip will supplement the program and keep kids engaged. The program will be led by two new Box of Rain staff, Julie White (left) and Lisa Wells (right), both of whom bring deep field experience and are working on certifications in Career Counseling/Life Coaching.

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Middle School program goals

  • Deepen focus on self-discovery (who am I?) with greater intention
  • Expand their repertoire and understanding of signature strengths
  • Explore the world of work and envision future career possibilities that match their interests and abilities
  • Understand personality differences to improve self-management and personal interactions with others
  • Discover newfound insights about self to inspire confidence in their unique identity—especially at a stage where being “different” can be perceived as a negative

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High School Life Skills Workshops, 1:1 Counseling, & Job Training

Beginning in March, Charting Careers will begin an intensive program for underserved high school students, led by Lisa Wells and Julie White, and featuring guest facilitators. Group workshops will focus on soft skills, including job interviewing, resume writing, and money management. An MBTI assessment and interpretation will help youth understand themselves and develop interpersonal skills. Following this series, Charting Careers staff will meet weekly with these students on job and/or educational pathways and preparedness. Charting Careers staff will also identify and organize internships, career visit days, and summer job placement. Box of Rain’s already existing and new partnerships with local organizations and businesses will play a critical role in preparing our graduates for real-life career success.

High School program goals

  • Self-awareness | The ability to accurately recognize one’s emotions and thoughts and their influence on behavior.
  • Self-management | The ability to regulate one’s emotions, thoughts, and behaviors effectively in different situations.
  • Social awareness | The ability to take the perspective of and empathize with others from diverse backgrounds and cultures.
  • Relationship skills | The ability to establish and maintain healthy and rewarding relationships with diverse 
  • individuals and groups.
  • Responsible decision making | The ability to make decisions based on consideration of ethical standards, safety concerns, social norms, the realistic evaluation of consequences of various actions, and the well-being of self and others.

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Parents as Partners

Research underscores the importance of parents as partners in their kids’ education. Charting Careers will hold periodic seminars with volunteer guest speakers and breakout moderated discussion groups, meeting the needs identified by parents. Staff will follow up with parents throughout the year to keep parents involved in their kids’ progress. Charting Careers will also help parents overcome common barriers to involvement, including transportation and lack of Internet access.


We will carefully measure the results of this program using SEL evaluation tools and looking at college and job success. Our long-term goal is to get Charting Careers in every Title I school in Annapolis and serve as many underserved youth as we can.



Ensuring that our kids get the support they need to pursue careers and become positive contributors to our community is of paramount importance to Box of Rain and to the Annapolis community. You can help launch this program by making a donation or providing an internship and/or job opportunity.

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